The worldwide hotel scene has dramatically changed over the last few years, developing more and more towards the contemporary and individual, exclusive designs. This is not only apparent in the high-end market, but can even be seen in low-budget chains, for example in motels. Efficient housekeeping, high-end service, individuality and a high standard of cleanliness and excellent appearance are among the maxims of all good, successful hotels and above all, of our clients.

The housekeeping trolley isn’t only the main working tool in a hotel’s everyday life, it is also something which is seen by the guest every day. It represents the hygiene and management of a hotel; it is a synonym for the style and standard of the establishment. Almost nothing else can better demonstrate the quality of the cleaning process in a house, simply because all other cleaning utensils are not seen by the guest; they are kept behind closed doors or are only used when guests are normally out.

How often has a guest wondered how an unorganised trolley storing dirty laundry, refuse, clean laundry and toiletries next to each other and often somewhat untidily, is actually able to ensure cleanliness in hotel rooms? How unsightly to a guest is it to be presented with bin bags and dirty laundry in hotel corridors in the morning on the way to breakfast? Of course some housekeeping trolleys are equipped and maintained better than others – it depends on what precisely is provided by such an important and everyday piece of equipment. A frequent request made by housekeeping employees is that the trolley should be improved in terms of handling and organisation. It is also a fact that the chambermaid trolley often doesn’t match the high quality and well considered interior and design of the hotel.

This specialist but extensive market already includes major and established brands that provide a wide range assortment of products. And it is also a fact that the central problem still hasn’t been solved.



What makes viPush different and what is actually new about this product range from the house of Kesseböhmer? viPush stands for customisation. Even the smallest production order can be provided in all finishes, materials and designs to match the hotel’s corporate identity.

The standard collection alone consists of more than ten colours. Three different trolley sizes (L, M and S) and one satellite trolley are the basis for intelligent room management according to individual space and requirements. The satellite trolley is attached to the main trolley and can be detached in a blink of an eye to be taken to the hotel room by the chambermaid. An intelligent solution to take away dirty laundry out of the room quickly and easily.

An electrical impulse enables the trolley to start rolling without much effort. A major advantage and frequently requested aid when pushing a fully loaded and heavy chambermaid trolley. Not forgetting the reduced weight compared to other similar models. A new global innovation is the use of the black corner bumpers, fully intergrated into the structure which make the trolley easier to control and also finally stop those unsightly marks on hotels’ corridor walls. The fifth wheel on the L and M trolley models provides another steering aid.

The standard adjustable shelves or the ones with optional pull-out function can be equipped with a non-slip coating to stop towels and bedding linen from slipping. An optional spacious drawer can be shut with a soft-close mechanism. It can be used to hold toiletries cleanly and tidily and to refill and re-assort them.

Textile covers hide the bin bags and laundry bags which are fixed to the fold-up holder. They can be produced in different colours, matching the interior design and enhancing the clean and modern look of all viPush housekeeping trolleys. The hotel logos are interesting and eye-catching and can be printed on roller shutter and drawer or embroidered onto the linen bags or covers. Cleaning agents have a separate place which is hidden from guests’ view on a foldable platform under the bin bag.

The modern and elegant line of the frame with incorporated grip sets new standards. Whether matt silver, gold, antique look, bronze or any required colour: the frame is as variable as the materials on the comfortable grip cushioning. Anything is possible from foam options to the highest quality leather. And of course branded with the hotel’s logo.

All these outstanding, intelligent and individual product advantages for every hotel category, guest and user create a new dimension of functionality and design in the chambermaid trolley.

And it’s all made in Germany and made
by Kesseböhmer.